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A very nice mechanical clock! It was produced in approximately 1865 in France, so now it is more than 150 years old. The dial has been replaced at some time in the history of this clock. The size of clock is 415x145x275mm. The length of pendulum is 965mm. The diameter of dial is 275mm. The case is made of metal. There is golden pattern on the front and a black box behind. There is a door on each side to put the movement. You can also open these two doors to see if everything goes well if you wind it. This clock strikes the hours and a few minutes after the hour it strikes the hours again on a bell. This is typical for a real antique Comtoise. It also strikes once on each half hour on a bell. You will get 1 year guarantee on this clock. 

Antieke Comtoise

Productcode: antique comtoise
€ 1.250,00 Normale prijs
€ 650,00Verkoopprijs
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