This is the world's first chronograph watch with a curved movement. This allows the watch to have a curved shape which fits nicely around the wrist. It is a novelty from Bulova. Bulova used to have many new inventions in the past. That's why there slogan now is "A histroy of many firsts." Now they continue buiding special watches for special people. The watch has a very nice blue color dial. The back of the watch has also a glass so you can see the special curved movement. The movement is a quartz movement with exra high frequency for extra precision. 262Khz. The recommended retail price of this watch is EUR 790,- so there is a EUR 150,-  discount on it. On top of that we offer you a free shipping within Europe. Please ask about our rates outside Europe. You can come to have a look at this watch in our shop in Voorburg. The shop is owned by a watchmaker with over 30 years of experience. The Hands of Time, Voorburg.

Bulova Curv Chronograph

Productcode: 96A205
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