Very chunky diving watch. The watch is eco drive which means it is solar powered. You won't need to change the batteries anymore. The watch charges by daylight or under a lamp. 3 hours daylight is enough for about 3 months power reserve. There is a power reserve indicator on the dial. With normal use, these watches will be charged all the time. You won't even notice. The bezel turns only counter clockwise like it should with a real diving watch. The watch is waterproof till 200 mtr. The watch has a depth meter on it, to measure how deep you dive. It also has a chrongraph function on it. The crown is a screw down crown to protect the watch against water. The push buttons are also screwed down to make sure you can't accidently push them in under water. The watch comes in the packaging which looks like a miniature diving bottle. 2 years international guarantee on the watch from Citizen Europe. The recommended retail price of this watch is EUR 590,- so there is a EUR 95,- discount on it. You can come to have a look at this and other (Citizen) watches in our shop. The shop is owned by a watchmaker with over 30 years of experience. The Hands of Time, Voorburg.

Citizen Promaster Marine

Productcode: BN2021-03E
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