Beautiful Tag Heuer 2000 series automatic. The watch has been overhauled. It recieved a full service. The Swiss automatic movement has been completely overhauled. It recieved some new parts. The watch recieved new hands, new gaskets all around. The bezel click spring and fitting ring have also been replaced. Overall the watch looks in a very good state. The diameter of the watchcase without the crown is 36mm. The thickness is 11mm.  There is some wear on the bracelet but not too much. It is ready for many years of pleasure wearing it on the wrist. The watch has a screw down crown and is waterproof till 200 Mtr. (20 ATM) It has been tested in a professional tester after the full service. The watch comes with 1 year guarantee from us. You can buy it online or come to have a look at this and other (pre owned) watches in our shop. The shop is owned by a watchmaker with over 30 years of experience in the business.  The shop is all about watches. The Hands of Time, Voorburg. 

Tag Heuer 2000 automatic

Productcode: WK2111
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