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Hack watch with Arabic numbers with a blue dial The glass is a curved minerall glass. Has that vintage look and the same dome of a plastic glass. The strap is a nylon NATO strap. It's an automatic watch. It winds by wearing it on the wrist Off course you can also manually wind it first to start it up. If you keep wearing it during the day it will run through the night and if fully wound even longer. Nice blue dial with very visible red second hands. These hacking watches were used by the military. They could all put them on the exact same time to carry out missions. 

The watch is new and comes with 3 years guarantee from Bulova Europe. 

The recommended retail price is EUR 299,- so there is already EUR 20,- discount.

Bulova Military hack watch

Productcode: 96A282
€ 299,00 Normale prijs
€ 279,00Verkoopprijs
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