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This is the picto 40 in IP gold with a yellow dial. The size is 40mm diameter and 9 mm thickness. The watchcase made out of stainless steel. The case is matt IP coated in a yellow gold colour. The case is matt. The dot which is the hour hand is also in a gold colour. The stripe which is the minute hand is in gold colour as well. The y are both going to move to show the time. It is showing 10:10 hrs. now. The watch comes on a jeans strap with the back of the strap in leather. It has a buckle matching to the colour of the watchcase. The watch has a Miyota 2025 movement made in Japan. the right battery for it is 377 (Swiss) and SR626SW (japan) We will send it out with a new battery placed to make sure your watch will function. The watch is new. the watch comes with 2 years guarantee. The watch 

Picto 40 IP gold/yellow

Productcode: PT43330
€ 159,00Prijs
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